Instructor List

Total W(h)ine’s List of
Fertility Awareness Instructors

This is a list of instructors who I personally endorse. In order to be on this list, instructors uphold the following standards:

  • They do not believe there is a “best” method of fertility awareness, simply the best one for an individual woman
  • They understand their role is to ensure that their clients can confidently use the protocols of their method to accurately chart their fertile and infertile windows
  • They respect the authority and responsibility of their clients’ decision regarding family planning

Instructors are listed under each category of method: Sympto-hormonal, Sympto-thermal, Mucus-only, and Other.

For a breakdown of the menstrual cycle, the biomarkers all methods use, and a pro/con list for each category of method Click Here.

For all NFP/ fertility awareness resources on Total W(h)ine Click Here.

In order to maintain this list, I need your help!

If you are an instructor who would like to be added to the list, or would like to recommend your own instructor to be added, please scroll to the end and fill out the contact form.

Additionally, if you are a client of an instructor on this list who you do not feel has upheld my standards, please let me know via the contact form at the end of this post as well.

**All names beneath each heading are clickable links**

Sympto-Hormonal Methods


Main Method Webpage

Feminine Genius Ministries

Femme Fertility

Sarah Flood, RN

Sarah Gilpatrick

Totally Yours Family Medicine (Canada)

Vitae Fertility

Whole Mission

You, Me and NFP


Main Method Webpage

Altogether Beautiful Holistic Health, Lydia Borja (Use code “TWNFP” for 15% off instruction)

Fertility Awareness First, Laura Ginikos, CFLE

Johnna Wilford (also teaches SymptoPro)

Learn Your Cycle, Brittany Bair (also being trained in Billings)

Lumina Health Services, Mairead Suthoff, ATC

Ryenn Andreassi

Sr. Mary Gretchen, Sacred Heart Mercy Healthcare Center

Boston Cross Check

Main Method Webpage

Fig Leaf Fertility, Mikayla Dalton

Pearl and Thistle, Christina Valenzuela
(also offers Cycle Prep course for mothers and daughters and hosts NFP Ambassador training for parishes)

Sympto-Thermal Methods

Couple to Couple League

Main Method Webpage


Main Method Webpage


Main Method Webpage

Following My Body, Jamie Murphy

Johnna Wilford (also teaches FEMM)

Other STM

Symptothermic Roetzer

Mucus-Only Methods

Billings Ovualation Method

Main Method Webpage

Leslie Rewis, MA, MLIS

Adelaide Soulier (France)

Click to find and instructor by country

Creighton Model Fertility Care

Main Method Webpage

Ashwood FertilityCare Center, Kari Beadner, CFCP
(also offers Charting Health for Young Women program for mothers and daughters)

Bloom Cycle Care, Rachel Roth, FCPI (American living in Switzerland)

Columbia Basin FertilityCare Services, Christine Disselkamp, BS, CFCP

Empowered Fertility Care, Annie Ortiz, FCP

Faustina Fertility Care Center, Kristin Dvorsky

In Touch Fertility, Holly Baril, CFCP

Holy Family FertilityCare, Laura Golden, RN, BSN, FCP

Little Flower Fertility Care, Lisa Morvant, RN, BSN, FCP

Lotus Flower Fertility Care, Mary Bruno

Orchid Fertility and Wellness, Erica Rossio

Theocentric Fertility Care Center, Ellen Mitchell, MPH, FCPI

To be added to the list, or to let Emily know of an issue, fill out the form below. You must include your real name and email address in order for your submission to be considered.