Real NFP Talk

Welcome to the landing page for all things NFP/ FABM here on Total Whine!

It includes a list of sources for Church teaching, facts about birth control and more.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but should help you get started with the lifestyle, and will be updated as I find more helpful links and sources to include.

Emily is always expanding a comprehensive list of blogs and series here on Total Whine covering:
  • Real NFP Stories
  • Abstinence
  • Guides to choose a method
  • Practical advice and solidarity for the lifestyle
  • and more!

Catholic Church Teaching

Humane Vitae (for an encyclical, it’s surprisingly short!)
Theology of the Body
The Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Methods

Couple to Couple League (Sympto-thermal Method)
Billings Ovulation Method
Creighton Model Fertility Care System
Marquette Method

FEMM Health
Instructors Directory (includes several methods, and is expanding)

Hot Topics

The contraceptive mentality is real, but it’s probably not what you think by Simcha Fisher
A Practical Guide Discerning Openness to Children by the Diocese of Kansas City, MO
Should We Have Another Baby? video by Surprised by Marriage
Is NFP new Church Teaching? 6 minute video by Emily at IGTV
Are Catholics required to practice NFP, or can they have all the babies? 5 minute video by Emily at IGTV
Can you practice NFP with a “contraceptive mentality? 5 minute video by Emily at IGTV
Why can’t Catholics even use a condom? 4 minute video by Emily at IGTV

Community Support/ Education

Facebook Support Group (closed group, must apply first)
You, Me and NFP
Jenny Uebbing’s Off the Charts

How to Interpret Method Effectiveness Statistics by Louise Boychuk at Vitae Fertility Education
Why I’m Teaching Fertility Awareness to My Daughter by Ginny Kochis at Not So Formulaic
Cervical Fluid: Fertile vs. Infertile at Fertility Charting on Facebook

The Truth About Birth Control

Here’s How Birth Control Really Works at Natural Womanhood
CDC Changes Effectiveness Ratings on FAMs at Natural Womanhood
How the Pill was Conceived at Evie Magazine
Why Women are Rejecting the Pill at Natural Womanhood
Q&A: What’s Up with Catholics and Birth Control? at Catholic Pilgrim
If You’re Sick from the Pill, Try These Alternatives by Tabitha Walter at The Federalist

Real Stories

Real Talk on Natural Family Planning by Deanna Johnston at Catholic East Texas
Feminist Approved: How One Woman’s Conversion Started with NFP at Total W(h)ine
NFP and the Catholic Church Have Some Big Problems at Authentic Catholic Femininity
Postpartum is Unpredictable – Even for NFP Teachers from Sara and Chad at Under Thy Roof
When NFP Doesn’t Work: A Look at Hyper-Fertility at Wild Things Adventures
Not Your Parent’s Rhythm Method by Lesley Sholly at Life in Every Limb

Emily Talks Fertility Awareness

What is Fertility Awareness? Podcast Interview with Engaged with Eagle Forum (18 minutes)
Facebook Live Q&A on Fertility Awareness with Tabitha Walter from Engage with Eagle Forum (51 minutes)
Five Fertility Awareness Methods Explained Video Interview with Engage with Eagle Forum (1hour, 16 minutes)
Uncharted Territory, Fertility Awareness and NFP Radio Interview with L.A. Catholic Morning, Archangel Radio WNGL (20 minutes)
Uncharted Territory and Responsible Parenthood Radio Interview with L.A. Catholic Morning, Archangel Radio WNGL (20 minutes)
Reframing the Conversation on NFP Video Interview with Deanna Johnston, Director of Family Life at the St. Philip Institute, Diocese of Tyler, TX