Preparing for My Little Prince

Several years ago, a friend recommended that I read a children’s book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery called The Little Prince. “It is surprisingly deep,” she said. “I promise you’ll really enjoy it!” Figuring that a children’s book at worst wouldn’t take much of my time if it was a bust, I gave it a... Continue Reading →

Attitude of Gratitude

I just found out that I got hit with the gestational diabetes bug (GDM), and boy was I mad. I don’t fit the bill of the likely candidates. I began pregnancy at a healthy weight, have had healthy weight gain throughout, I eat right, I exercise, and I don’t have any personal or family history... Continue Reading →

My Experience with Preeclampsia

You won’t find any pictures of me pregnant on facebook or instagram. Zero. There was one that a friend posted, but I deleted it because it makes me cry just looking at it, even two years later sans baby hormones. Why? Well, I was huge quite frankly. HUGE. Not pregnant huge, but preeclampsia huge. Don’t... Continue Reading →

What to Expect After the C Section

I’m a big believer in the value of setting the right expectations in order to be able to respond to any given situation in the best way possible. You can imagine then how unpleasant it has been for me to learn that motherhood is basically one lifelong battle between my expectations and reality, and reality... Continue Reading →

God is Good. All the Time.

As you read in my last post, Evelyn was a breech baby born via C section, and I mentioned that there were some consequences that Nick and I are now having to face. After a C section, one of the questions is of course how long to let your body heal before conceiving again. There’s... Continue Reading →

Submit: My C Section Birth Story

The month of April is recognized as C Section Awareness Month, so I am taking the opportunity to raise awareness with a few posts on the subject from my own personal experience and perspective. C sections take place for all kinds of reasons, and a lot of people have opinions regarding the frequency even necessity... Continue Reading →

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