A Blueprint of Evangelization

The world is a complete mess right now. The problems seem overwhelming an insurmountable. They aren’t, and the story of the Woman at the Well gives us a simple blueprint.

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Surrender All

A story of how faith was interwoven with reason, and the difficult and loving response that a husband and wife made together in response to their unique situation as it changed over the course of their marriage.

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The Cross is Love

The birth of my second child gave me an intimate taste of the cross of Christ, at once indescribably painful, and eventually, beautiful.

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Book Review: Letters to Women

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that no matter what we’re going through, no matter what we’re trying to discern, it’s absolutely necessary to our sanity to know that we aren’t alone. It’s a lesson I’ve learned time and time again as I speak about NFP. We need to know that someone else out there…

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Why a Fertility Awareness Database?

So there’s this new fertility awareness database being built, and you may be wondering why. Valid question. Allow my co-founder and I to explain…

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Good Parenting Means Remembering I’m a Child

It was a Monday in every sense of the word.  I was up earlier than usual, and so were the kids. My 3 year old and I were downstairs, wandering around the house aimlessly as I guzzled my coffee, half pleasant ritual, half absolute necessity.  I peeped through the dining room window, and was caught…

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Hi, I’m Emily. A Cajun cradle Catholic who isn’t afraid to admit that living a faithful life is both hard and beautiful. I like to take on tough topics with blunt honesty and a healthy dose of humor. If that sounds like what you need, dive on in! I’m so glad you’re here.

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