7 Week NFP Challenge

A seven week challenge to do with your spouse to give up all the baggage you may be carrying around the NFP lifestyle.

The challenge was first released during Lent, but can be done at any time.

Get started by clicking the links below….

Challenge Overview

Week 1: Give up… unrealistic expectations of yourself or your spouse

Week 2: Give up… defending yourself when people judge or misunderstand your choice

Week 3: Give up… the stuff you heard (or didn’t hear) in marriage prep that doesn’t make sense for your marriage (you know, like having only a week of abstinence)

Week 4: Give up… your fears about giving God full control of your fertility

Week 5: Give up… not communicating your wants, hurts, fears or joys with your spouse

Week 6: Give up… avoiding your spouse during periods of abstinence, broadening your understanding and expression of intimacy

Week 7: Give up… all of this to God in confession and hand over all your NFP struggles