#giveitupNFP: A Weekly Lenten NFP Challenge

Lent is right around the corner and many are probably scrambling thinking about what they will give up. Probably a bunch of you are getting off of social media, and hey, I’m all for maintaining healthy relationships and boundaries.

But whether you’re staying on or shutting it off this Lent, I’ll be hosting a weekly challenge for you to “give up” something related to the NFP lifestyle. 

I’m calling it #giveitupNFP.

We’ve all heard how NFP can make our lives or marriages better, but it feels all too often that it does the opposite. The truth is NFP is not a magic pill. NFP is the thorn that forces you and your spouse to keep the hard stuff of marriage on the communication front-burner.

Just cause it’s “natural” does not mean it comes naturally!

Now there’s LOTS of things that are hard about NFP, but in order for it to be a blessing to your marriage, it requires intentional work. From both of you. All of the time! 

So… it’s really just a microcosm of marriage. 

That’s where this challenge comes in – making the work intentional. Each week this Lent, I will share a difficult area of the NFP life for you to “give up”, pesky things that totally get in the way of this practice being a benefit for marriage. 

How to Join.

I’ll be posting every Sunday on the blog right here, so make sure you follow me by submitting your email in the right hand column on my homepage to get the challenges straight to your inbox. Consider keeping a journal to reflect on and respond to the challenge questions.

I’ll also be posting on Instagram as well. I am encouraging others to post about the challenge, and feature posts my stories that use the hashtag #giveitupNFP. It’ll be a great way to find community!

What to Expect Each Week.

Each weekly challenge post will include:

  • A personal anecdote from me that explains the challenge
  • A scripture verse that ties into the challenge and a short prayer (to be posted as a mid-week check-in on Instagram)
  • A story from a different guest every week, offering encouragement from their experience related to the challenge

The Challenges. 

These challenges are both practical actions and interior reflections. Some of these challenges are going to be T-O-U-G-H, and are things that I struggle with myself. Don’t look at them as things you need to conquer in 40 days. In fact, if you did I think it might kill you. Set your eyes instead on the long game, and realize this is just a starting point. 

Click here for this week’s challenge.

You will be challenged to…

Give up… unrealistic expectations of yourself or your spouse

Give up… defending yourself when people judge or misunderstand your choice

Give up… the stuff you heard (or didn’t hear) in marriage prep that doesn’t make sense for your marriage (you know, like having only a week of abstinence)

Give up… your fears about giving God full control of your fertility

Give up… not communicating your wants, hurts, fears or joys with your spouse

Give up… avoiding your spouse during periods of abstinence, broadening your understanding and expression of intimacy

Give up… all of this to God. Plan a time when you can go to confession and hand over all your NFP struggles before Easter

Are you ready to #giveitupNFP?