Uncharted Territory

This is the landing page for the conversations in the Uncharted Territory series written and published for NFP Week 2020. Click on the images below to read the explanatory introduction, and each conversation.

Each image will be a clickable link to the actual post on the day the posts are listed as available.


Available Sunday, July 19

Emily and her collaborators, Mary and Jen, introduce the series scope and inspiration.

Conversation 1

Available Monday, July 20

The ladies explain why “NFP” just doesn’t really fit what fertility awareness actually is. And it all starts with the fact that none of us have the family we planned.

Conversation 2

Available Tuesday, July 21

As Catholics, we have a vast understanding of the nature of parenthood as something that transcends biology, from godparents to priests and nuns. So why do we have such a hard time recognizing that in married couples, especially the infertile?

Conversation 3

Available Wednesday, July 22

At the end of the day, there are an infinite number of aspects of NFP that are not easy. But that’s not a new part of the faithful life. The cross is ours to carry, even when it comes to sex.

Conversation 4

Available Thursday, July 23

Ever heard someone say that NFP limits the power of God? It’s completely bunk! And we three have the children – born, unborn and adopted – to prove it!

Conversation 5

Available Friday, July 24

What exactly does the Church mean when it says that married couples are to practice “responsible parenthood”? Isn’t it just an invitation to avoid pregnancy for arbitrary reasons? Jen, Mary and Emily break this down and explain why this teaching is vital to understand properly.

Conversation 6

Available Saturday, July 25

We thought rounding out this series with the much-loathed “a” word was pretty appropriate. Each of us have had to carry this cross in different ways, but as Emily once heard Jesus tell her, “The cross is love.”