Run the World

Many a year ago, my Dad shared with me a quote that inspired me and changed the course of my life, and in many ways is the reason I started this blog. You’ve likely heard snipits of this here and there, but for your reading pleasure, here it is as I first heard it in its entirety.

The level of any civilization is the level of its womanhood. What Claudia was, that Pilate could be; what Herodias was, that Herod was. It is love, rather than knowledge, that makes the world. Knowledge is broken down to suit the mind to which it is given. That is why we have to give examples to children.

Love always goes out to meet the demands of the object loved. If the one loved is virtuous, we must be virtuous to win it, Hence the higher the love, the loftier must be those who pursue; the nobler the woman, the nobler the world.

Men we need, yes…But we need women too, who in the language of the Holy Father “will be a teacher-guide to one’s sisters, to direct ideas, dissipate prejudices, clarify obscure points, explain and diffuse the teachings of the Church, hold back those currents which threaten the home; for who better than she can understand what is needed for the dignity of woman, the integrity and honor of the young girl, and the protection and education of the child.”

If this is the kind of woman you are, we salute you and toast you; not as the modern woman descended from Herodias, once our superior, now our equal, but as the Christian woman – inspired by Claudia – closest to the cross on Good Friday, and first at the tomb on Easter morn!

Characters of the Passion, Ven. Fulton J. Sheen