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Feeling isolated or overwhelmed by living your faith in the areas of sex, marriage and family planning?

Well, you’re not alone.

I embarked on the NFP life like most people do in marriage prep, and quickly found the information my husband and I received painting NFP as the solution for all marriage woes, ill prepared us for the realities of the practice. We were expecting our first NFP surprise 3 short months into marriage, and another surprise was on his way only 7 months after her arrival. Both children were born via C section, creating dramatic implications on our family plans, and within 3 years, we invested endless time, abstinence, money and tears into learning 3 methods of fertility awareness (CCL, Creighton and Marquette).

Why was all of this so hard? Why couldn’t we plan our family? Why didn’t we know that there were method options to begin with? Why didn’t I learn fertility awareness sooner? And most importantly, who the heck was I supposed to talk to to straighten all this out?

Frustrated and exhausted, I didn’t see how Church teaching could be sane. My doubt and confusion was so deep that I experienced feeling completely abandoned by God during my second pregnancy. After my son was born, I started digging deep into what the Church taught about all things sex and marriage. What I discovered was that back in marriage prep we had been sold the resurrection, while the crucifixion was hidden. The reality had been whitewashed with cataclysmic results.

The fact is, taking up our cross is a condition of the Christian life, and that cross will show up in our marriage, in our bedrooms, in our fertility and our family plans. That doesn’t mean we have to accept our suffering with a screwed-on smile (Jesus didn’t), pretending that nothing hurts when it does. It means we need our Simons of Cyrene (cause Jesus did), those who will help us carry the cross we’ve been given and allow us the space to process all that God’s will asks of us.

When I was in the throws of darkness and doubt, my Simon was nowhere to be found.That filled me with a passion to be Simon for others. In 3 years speaking one-on-one with women of all ages about sex, marriage and NFP, I have learned that the power of vulnerability – of being that Simon – has the power to transform and free others to live the life God has planned for them.

I am offer one hour and 30 minute one-on-one sessions that you can schedule at your convenience.
And if you pick a time after 5pm, wine will be involved!

Topics Emily Tackles

  • Church teaching on sex (as unitive and procreative, what is licit, effects of Jansenism and purity culture, etc.)
  • Church teaching on NFP/ fertility awareness and the struggles that surround it (why no birth control/ ART, abstinence, inability to plan family whether avoiding or achieving pregnancy, spouses not on the same page, etc.)
  • Why God allows good people to suffer in these areas
  • Guidance for choosing or switching to a different method of fertility awareness
  • Suggestions for resources to help individual study of all of the above topics

*As a faithful Roman Catholic, any advice or suggestions I offer will be in line with Church teaching. Non-Catholics are certainly welcome to book a chat with me, particularly those who are interested in learning fertility awareness. While I certainly don’t know everything, I aspire to answer every question I can with compassionate honesty.

The Happy Hour

Round these parts, there is no such thing as a taboo question! You think it’s awkward? I know it’s important and worth asking! Bring your concerns and hard-hitting questions – no matter how awkward or taboo you think they are – and let’s dig deep! Just make sure you grab your favorite hot, cold or adult beverage before dialing in.

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The Happy 1/2 Hour

Maybe you need to get some direction to start fertility awareness or make a switch, a few resources on specific topics, or you need a follow up after your Happy Hour. This booking option was created with you in mind! Same rules on awkward topics and beverages apply. (Photo crasher not included 😉

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“This lady is real, raw, and has the sassiest sense of humor that will without a doubt brighten your day. She truly considers peoples’ wants and needs and does her best to educate in a fun and lively way!” 

Laura B.,
blogger and recurrent pregnancy loss warrior

“As someone who thought fertility awareness was just for Catholics, Emily approached my questions with openness and honesty. Because of her help and guidance, I have learned so much about my own body, even overcoming many of my PCOS symptoms. “

Tabitha W.,
wife, mother and political nonprofit

“Emily provides a faithful, feminine approach to women’s issues; integrating her lived Catholic faith with fertility awareness.”

Father J. Cavanaugh,
Dominican priest

“In a world that gets so much wrong about sex and women’s health issues, Emily Frase is a refreshing and much-needed voice in these conversations. She boldly addresses difficult topics head-on, but always with compassion and through the lens of our Catholic faith.”

Deanna Johnston
Director Family Life St. Philip Institute

“The concept of NFP was laden in mystery and a lack of information that I just didn’t see as a viable option. That was until I discovered Emily’s page on Instagram by chance. I have been using Marquette method for 5 months now, and my husband and I are very happy and at peace. Emily, you literally changed my life!”

Mumbi Mutonga-Theuri,
blogger and traveler

As a single woman, I was putting off learning anything about NFP, FABM, charting etc. But after following Emily for several months, I got curious and saw the benefit of learning it NOW. She kept everything real and encouraged me to figure out which method would be best for me and my circumstances.”

Catholic Instagramer

Emily Frase is a south Louisiana native living in northern Virginia with her husband and two cherubs. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in architecture, she went on to work in the nonprofit world in DC for five years. She founded the blog in 2018, where she shares her deep passion for living all aspects of the Catholic faith in a joyful and honest way, especially marriage, motherhood, NFP and fertility awareness. She is the co-founder and president of the nonprofit organization FAbM Base, a new fertility awareness database coming soon.

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