About the Blog

I freely admit that my reasons for starting a blog were not what anyone would call lofty. I found myself isolated as a new SAHM, and the longing for affirmation that I had once received daily in the workforce was acute.

Keeping it real

Thankfully, God’s favorite tool is a broken one. Through my search for connections, I realized that there is a tremendous power in sharing stories, and that power is solidarity. I have always had a passion for pursuing authentic femininity, and God allowed me to put it to use not just as a wife and a mother, but as a friend.

That’s why I’m here. I want you to know that you’re not alone. No, you aren’t the only one who is called to joy but can find yourself bogged down in sorrow. No, you aren’t the only one living and loving the faith and being mocked for it. No, you aren’t the only one trying to weed through what the world says you should be versus what God has called you to. No, you aren’t the only one.

We’re human. Our ticket to freedom is accepting who we are, with all our faults and failings, and with all our gifts and talents and then giving ALL of that over to God. Here at Total W(h)ine, my hope is that you will find that wherever you are in life is ok, it’s only a place to start; that you’ll find here someone who can admit with you that life is difficult and faith can be a trial, but that God has the power to make it all beautiful.

Through sharing my story and the stories of others, I pray you are encouraged. My brand is of the brutally honest variety, with splashes of sarcasm and a healthy sense of humor, and I’m not afraid of the occasional four letter word.

So, Welcome, you spectacular human, you! And thanks for stopping by!

In solidarity,