About the Blog

Why on earth is there another mommy blog, you may rightly be asking yourself. Well, to maintain my own sanity for one. Therapy is expensive, drinking past a certain point requires an intervention, so writing it is for me.

However, a public project like this has to have loftier goals than just keeping me off the psychiatrist’s couch I suppose, so here’s what this is really about.

In my thus far limited experience, motherhood in modern times – of the Catholic/ Christian variety – comes with two unique challenges.

First, we arguably live in a post-Christian world, and passing our faith on to our kids feels like a Herculean task unless we all join up and start a commune (not my preferred route to take). Second, very few of us moms live near our mothers and grandmothers, and the techniques and traditions that used to be easy to transmit are now not so easy, leading to increased feelings of isolation.

The cure is simple: SOLIDARITY!

The greatest advice we mothers can sometimes hear is that we aren’t alone. No, you aren’t the only one struggling to figure out what it means to raise good children who love God, to love the man with whom you made them, and to retain your own soul and sanity in the process.

My hope is that through sharing some zany parts of my life, you’ll hear that reassurance. My brand is of the brutally honest variety, with splashes of sarcasm and a healthy sense of humor, and I’m not afraid of the occasional four letter word.

So, Welcome, you spectacular Momma, you! And thanks for stopping by!