FAbM Base Fundraiser

We are Emily Frase, founder of Total W(h)ine, and Mary Bruno, founder of Taking Back the Terms and we have something BIG to share!

We could not have two more different fertility journeys. 

Emily has two surprise babies, and learned three fertility awareness methods to try to get a handle on her fertility. She’s now an avid Marquette user. Mary is infertile, and dealt with debilitating pain for years until her 10th NaPro surgery. She is now a Creighton practitioner. 

We have one major thing in common. 

We’ve spent the last several years writing and speaking about the highs and lows of our own fertility awareness journeys, and through our outreach, we’ve met countless women and couples, seeing the power of sharing stories in bringing about healing and solidarity. 

Through our personal experiences and platforms, we have realized there are so many needs when it comes to accessing, communicating and living fertility awareness, and have decided it’s time to do something BIG to begin to solve the very real needs we encounter on a daily basis. 

This is why we started  

FAbM (pronounced “fam”) Base is a non-profit organization founded by two passionate FABM users who just want to make this crazy way of living a little easier for everyone!

Our Vision

We are creating a one-stop shop to help women and couples understand their options of fertility awareness methods, how to choose the right one for them, and find solidarity as they learn to understand their fertility and it’s changes through life. Through FAbM Base, women and couples are informed and empowered to understand their alternatives to birth control and artificial reproductive technologies for planning their families and treating hormonal and fertility issues.

Our Mission

We are driven to provide women and couples of any or no faith with practical resources for learning their options of fertility awareness methods, instructors, doctors and associated costs, as well as offer practical support for the myriad difficult aspects of the lifestyle. The founders of FAbM Base draw from their uniquely opposite perspectives to meet women where they are through blogs, interviews, testimonies, and workshops, empowering women through solidarity. FAbM Base will provide the practical, scientific and communal foundation for those learning and practicing fertility awareness in all stages of life.

Here are a few ways we plan to make this vision a reality:

  • User-Driven Content.
    We will address an ever-expanding range of topics through our blogs and videos to directly address your fertility awareness needs.
  • Ask Your Awkward Questions.
    We won’t shy away from difficult topics, and will open discussion on gritty questions from an educational standpoint.
  • User Q&A Database.
    A constantly-updated resource with questions answered by real users of all different fertility awareness methods and all different reproductive categories.
  • Instructor List.
    We will offer a list of fertility awareness instructors of all different methods that we recommend, so you can not only choose your method, but also learn that method from a trained professional. 
  • Factors that Affect Method Choice.
    We will emphasize the myriad reasons why a woman may choose any given method based on her state in life, personality, and unique fertility needs. 
  • The Male Perspective.
    Men are so often left out of the conversation, but they will be a prominent feature here!
  • Blogs and Videos.
    We’ll provide deep dives on different fertility issues, diagnoses, and the ever-expanding real life situations we all encounter with this lifestyle.

But we can’t do this without your help! 

We’re fully aware that one of the biggest issues with fertility awareness is accessibility, and a big part of that for many can be the costs associated with getting started.

We don’t want that to be an issue with the content we hope to provide, but the fact is we’re gonna have some BIG expenses to get this incredible resource off the ground, such as:

  • A brand new beautiful and easily navigable website
  • Video recording equipment to bring you top quality content
  • Some compensation to help support our families as we work to create this much-needed resource

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We want to be able to bring you all of this and so much more solely through donations!

Now, we’re not just asking you to bust out your checkbook (although we are offering options if you’d prefer to donate directly to us). We want to give you something fun to show your fertility awareness pride!

Most of us have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with fertility awareness, but at the end of the day, it’s information we’re so thankful to have. So why not show it off?! And who knows, maybe it will even be a conversation starter to help you spread the news about fertility awareness far and wide!

We created two fun designs, and you can decide whether to wear them, tote them, or sip from them! The designs are both available in several styles and colors that you can find at the link below. You can place orders from now through December 4, and your items will arrive before Christmas!

If you would like to support our organization directly, you can donate to us via PayPal or contact us below for other options.

*Since we are a nonprofit organization, donations may be counted as tax deductible. We are happy to follow up with a formal letter confirming your donation for tax purposes. Simply submit your email or mailing address.