Their Road Led to Rome

Dear Readers,

For the Easter season 2019, I had the great honor of sharing the stories from 13 women from all over the country (plus Canada), of all different ages and stages of life, who all have one thing in common: converting to the Catholic faith.

This project has been the most rewarding to date for me on Total W(h)ine. These stories beautifully show how Jesus loves each one of us individually and completely, and He does it all through His Church – through His Word, through fellow Catholics and most especially through the sacraments.

If you are feeling a little lackluster in your faith, are worried about loved ones who have walked away from God, or are someone who is curious about Catholicism, these stories will encourage and inspire you in ways that may be surprising.

Scroll down for excerpts from each of these amazing women, and click on their names to read their full story.

As I stared at Jesus exposed on the altar, I could feel that my heart was exposed to Him. I found myself physically surrounded by a comforting warmth as He spoke to me: ‘This is my Son.”
Read Jasmine Coles‘s story.
I had this feeling that my Anglican faith had set me on a strong path to Heaven, but it was as if I reached a point in my faith where there was a tree branch across the path. It was clear that I shouldn’t stop walking, but that I needed to climb over and take up the path on the other side.
Read Anna Dunham‘s story
Trust that you will be learning about the Faith and its application in your life for the rest of your life. This is a lifelong commitment to growth.
Read Destiny Edwards‘s story
Even if you’re speaking the truth, the WAY you speak the truth might be the difference between someone hearing it or someone shutting down entirely.
Read Caitlin Gavina‘s story
When I returned to school, I found myself drawn back to the stillness and consistency of the mass. I began to desire the Eucharist more and more.
Read Elizabeth Gonzalez-Wong‘s story
That week, the people – a most eclectic and unlikely group – the places – dinner tables, holy and historic places – and the events – the masses of Masses – conspired together to create something beyond words, something of the Spirit.  Something like a Pentacost occurred.
Read Becky Huebner‘s story
[S]inging sacred music to an almost empty Lutheran State church on Sundays. I witnessed and experienced the spiritual bankruptcy of a mostly non-religious culture and it made me long for a deeper faith and connection with the divine.
Read Kate Hubener‘s story
We made a lot of steps towards Catholicism that we didn’t realize were steps, but the big final push was looking for a Church that considered our miscarried and stillborn babies people.
Read Heidi Indhal‘s story
I went for coffee with my Catholic friend and finally asked him for his conversion story. He said what had ultimately attracted him to the Church was the Eucharist: “If that’s where God is, then that’s where I want to be.”
Read Bonnie Way‘s story
I feel the grace of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist has been such a gift and bolsters my relationship with Him.
Read Genie Shaw‘s story
I always like to think my whole life and relationship with Our Lord was building to my conversion. Truly no detail was insignificant.
Read Meredith Vanderplas‘ story
It’s interesting because as a child, when receiving communion in Protestant church for the first time, I was frightened because I thought, judging from the reading of the Last Supper the minister recited, that I was eating a person.
Read Holly Vaughan‘s story
NFP was more in line with my feminism than birth control anyway. After that, I understood that Catholic feminism was more in line with my values after all – in all areas of faith and life.
Read Johnna Wilford’s Story

If you are becoming Catholic this Easter or know someone who is, here are some great ways to prepare and celebrate!