One: Draw Me After You

Draw me after you, let us make haste.

The king has brought me into his chambers.

Song of Solomon 1:4

There’s definitely a focus this season on doing things, adding prayers, fasting, and giving alms. Christ did after all demand that we take up our cross daily and keep His commandments as a sign of our love. Heaven therefore is something we must actively choose.

But in order for us to achieve Heaven, Heaven had to come to us. We cannot lift ourselves by our own bootstraps. We could not pay the price of our own sins. That is why God must draw us to Himself.

God is the pursuer of our souls, and as the pursued we really have but one task: to submit. He will never cease to chase us, but He will never catch us unless we wish to be caught. As the lover of our souls, God wants to draw us into an ever deeper intimacy, to bring us into His chambers right now. Through our submission to that calling, we find a place of rest, refreshment, invigoration, and the secret to becoming saints.

We can recall the words of Mary at the Annunciation, and of what Christ did on Calvary. The reason we call Mary “blessed” was not due to anything she did, but what she allowed God to do to her. By her submission, Christ was incarnated. Christ did not achieve glory by nailing Himself to His cross, but by handing Himself over to be offered up. By His submission, we are saved.

Are there areas in your life you are withholding from God that He is asking you to hand over? Joys? Sorrows? Fears? Sins? Are you struggling with this idea of submission and what it will mean for your life? Do not be afraid! Hand it all over to Him just as you are in great trust and humility and you give Him everything He needs to make you anew.

Put this into practice this week by simply being content to be in His presence, whether at mass, in adoration, or in quiet moments at home. Invite Him into your heart to do with you as He pleases, to submit to His call and His will that you may be renewed. In prayer today, ask Him to show you areas in your life you may need to let go, and areas where you can deepen your intimacy with Him and grow into a greater dependence on Him.


The Christian faith was always designed to be lived in community, and that’s exactly what I’d love to create here. Comment and share how God is working in you as we move through the next 40 days.

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